Shipping is free for all purchases over 90 TL in Turkey.

Shipping is paid by us in Domestic for your purchases of 90 TL or more. For orders less than 90 TL, your cargo is sent as 8₺ against payment.

Products that appear in stock are sent within the same day, if possible. Delivery time is 3 business days domestically. However, special and personalized products are produced and shipped within the production planning.

Yes, our system accepts money order or EFT payments. For this, follow the order steps and choose the transfer / eft option. Then, deposit the amount specified in one of our Bank Accounts by adding the order number in the description. (Our bank account information will be displayed at the end of the order.) Then send the receipt to to speed up the order process and make it more secure.

Yes. While creating your order, follow the instructions and select the cash on delivery option on the relevant page. When your cargo reaches you, you can pay the cargo staff by cash or credit card. This option is valid only domestically.

SSL, which is called “Secure Sockets Layer”, is a standardized technology that allows the communication between the server and the client to be done in an encrypted manner. The most common use is to encrypt the communication between the server and the browser (such as Internet Explorer …) in the web environment. SSL is a standard algorithm. It is used for secure data communication on millions of websites. In order for the SSL function to work, a key on the server side and a certificate to work on the client side are required. SSL certificates are a technology that checks the accuracy of site addresses and ensures that data communication between two points is transmitted securely over an encrypted channel. SSL certificates differ according to the guarantee, support service and additional features they offer. Basically, the technical achievement provided by all certificates is the same. SSL protection of the products we offer on our site supports all popular browsers. SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and confidentiality during information transfer on network. SSL ensures that the information sent can be decrypted strictly and only at the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verification on both sides. The strength of the encryption method used in the data stream depends on the key length used. Key length is very important for protecting information. For example; It is extremely easy to decode a transmission over 8 bits. Bit refers to a number of binary counting system. A bit can have 2 different values, either 0 or 1. 8 bits contain only 28 = 256 possible different keys. A computer can reach a conclusion by examining these 256 different possibilities sequentially. 256 bit encryption is used in SSL protocol. There are 4256 different keys in 256 bit encryption and it takes a great cost and time to decipher this password.

We have agreements with all Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For daily campaigns adapted to banks and other details, you can get detailed information from our website or by contacting us.

Turkey supplied from abroad with credit cards or international payment transactions can be done if you have permission.

If your bank cards have an online shopping feature, payment can be made.

Transactions are not made with money points.

You can make installments to contracted banks and credit cards without interest.

You can use your discount coupon by entering the “Discount Coupon” section under “Order Details” on the right side of the screen on the order page. The system will alert when you click the use button after entering the coupon code. You can only use one discount coupon per order.

Wish lists are products that you have marked as favorites on your panel so that you can easily find the products you like in the future. In this way, you can save the products you have not yet decided to buy in the wish list and easily access these products in the future.

For now, we are serving only in our Distribution Center and production facility in Istanbul. If you wish, you can visit contact.

Your invoice is sent to your address with the product.

Your order is carefully packed in PRIVACYaccording to product dimensions and protected during shipping.


Yes, you can cancel your order within the first 30 minutes after placing your order. To achieve this, you must be logged into your account. In case of change, you can contact our customer representative via live help or by phone. For detailed information, you can read our Return and Exchange Policy.

  • I returned the product to the cargo officer without receiving it.
    • In this option, simply fill in the return request form.
  • I shipped the product to the store.
    • If you have returned the product to the store, complete the request form. You can note the tracking number you received from the cargo company on the request form.
  • I haven’t sent it yet, I want to start the return process.
    • You can request a refund and send the product free of charge to the contracted shipping company. After creating a request for free shipping, submit the return shipping code to the shipping company with the product.

Shipping fee is paid by us for all returns and exchanges. You can send it for free. For this, you can provide these transactions free of charge with the code and instructions our customer representative will give you.

Damage to the product package prevents the product from being returned. It is not possible to make a refund with a damaged package for our products in the consumable category.

Information flow will be provided to you from the customer representative regarding the details of the return process.

If time is needed to inspect the product, the store may request a maximum of 30 business days from the customer.

The buyer is obliged to share the return shipping information with the “” Customer Representative within 3 calendar days after submitting the return request. All refund requests not submitted within this period will be deemed invalid.

You need to contact the customer representative with your Order number in the e-mail sent to you after shopping.

  • The shipping tracking number is required to document that you have sent the returned product, and is required for the store to query in case of any problems with the cargo. When you forget the tracking number of the returned product, you must contact the shipping company and enter the relevant field when requesting a return.
  • In case of noticeable damage, impact or fracture on the cargo package or product, you must have the cargo officer arrange a damage assessment report. Cargo officers are obliged to keep a record for damaged cargo.
  • In cases where the cargo officer does not arrange documents, minutes or minutes, you can return the product to the officer without receiving it or take it by checking it at the cargo branch.
  • If you do not have the damage assessment document issued, it is not possible for you to prove that the problem with the product is caused by the store or cargo. For this reason, you must keep a report.
  • In case of noticeable damage, impact or fracture in the cargo package or product, you must have the cargo officer arrange a damage assessment report.
  • By keeping a record, you can return the product to the officer at the door without receiving it. If your product is missing, defective, defective, damaged or different from the specified one, you can use your right to return.

Depending on the processes and practices of the banks, the reflection of the refund on credit and debit cards may take an average of 1-7 business days. The returned product price will be reflected in your account as a positive balance.

It is possible to purchase a different product instead of a refund.

Refunds are made as the total amount. Your card limit will be opened as much as the refund amount. The refund of the payments made in installments is made up to the total amount at one time, but can be accounted for as much as the month in which the installment is made due to bank processes. Therefore, although the entire refund is made at once, you can see it as +, – balance on your account statement during the month in which the installment is made.

In case of canceling the order after paying by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. It is not possible to get a refund with other methods.
Note: For purchases made by credit card, the refund amount will be reflected on your credit card as a positive balance within 3 business days, depending on the banks’ density and process practices. You can contact your bank for detailed information.

Refunds of purchases made in installments are made according to the installment period and the relevant installment amounts, in accordance with the bank procedures. When a refund is made in installment orders, a single payment is made to your card and a limit is opened up to the total transaction amount. You can see it as plus / minus balance on your statement according to bank transactions and processes.

Buyers have to convey their complaints about the products they purchase through, the supplier of the products. will provide all possible support to solve the problem during this process. The responsibility for the sold product will belong to the store itself. In the event that the problem cannot be resolved despite this, the buyers will be able to apply to the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee in the place where they purchased the product or where they are domiciled, for complaints and appeals related to transactions up to TL 1,161.67, in order to seek their rights against the stores. Complaints and appeals related to transactions with a product price of more than TL 1,161.67 can be made to the Consumer Court in the place where they purchased the product or where they reside. According to the third paragraph of Article 5 of the Regulation on Consumer Problems Arbitration Committees published in the Official Gazette dated 01.08.2003 and numbered 25186, the lower monetary limit for provincial arbitration committees operating in cities with metropolitan status to be assigned and authorized to deal with disputes is 3,032.65 TL.


In accordance with the Law No.6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, buyers have the right to return the products they have purchased without giving any reason and without paying any penalty by using their right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of purchase in transactions related to the sale of goods, has.

Buyers can initiate returns by contacting “” within the withdrawal period (from the date of delivery in transactions related to the sale of goods, 14 days from the date of purchase in transactions related to the sale of services). They must exercise their right of withdrawal.

The store is obliged to return the product within 3 working days + 24 hours after receiving the buyer’s request, return the product price and all payments, including delivery costs, without any charges to the buyer and pay the return shipping fee.

  • The situations that cannot be returned even though the buyer requested a return to the store within 14 days are as follows:
  • Products that are produced individually at the request of the buyer, and customized by making changes or additions on them,
  • Products that are not suitable for return due to their nature (all blister products with opened blister),
  • Products that are likely to expire,
  • All blistered and non-blistered products in the Cosmetic / Personal Care / Underwear category.

Within the scope of the right of withdrawal, the return shipping fee belongs to Buyers have the right to return products without paying shipping charges, even if they return the products for personal reasons. However, the customer pays for the cargo that is specified in the sales contract and is not sent with the courier company with which our company has an agreement.

As per the legislation, the buyer is not responsible for the changes and deteriorations that occur if the buyer uses the product in accordance with its operation, technical specifications and instructions for use within the withdrawal period (from the date of delivery in transactions related to the sale of goods, 14 days from the date of purchase in transactions related to the sale of services). The buyer will be responsible for the deterioration due to unusual usage and in this case “” may not approve the return.

No. Cosmetic and personal care products can only be subject to withdrawal if their packaging is not opened and used.

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