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    A Pinch of Wellness


Salkom Cosmetics has started its operations in 2002 and has become a one of the leading cosmetics companies in Turkey. Our company provides accurate, safe and effective solutions through our professional team. It has embraced customer centered service perspective with social responsibility approach. Salkom who has adapted being herbal and natural as main principles, provides production of natural and herbal products without any possible damage to human health.

" A Pinch of Wellness "


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Beyazlatici Krem 80 mL
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Termal Alabalık Yağı Kremi
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By inhibiting excess melanin in the skin, it quickly reduces color separation (8-12 weeks). It is one of the active agents in the treatment of stain or hyperpigmentation. Immediately after application on the skin it combines with enzymes to prevent excess tyrosine oxidation.



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We Salkom adopted being natural and herbal as principles which constitutes the base of our corporate focus. According to our principles we develop products that are human health-friendly, herbal and natural and invest in these areas to always try to present the better.

We work human-focused, investigate consumer needs deeply, understand and follow. We believe that our products should be friendly to human well-being and follow sustainable policies on this subject. We are aware of the value of human.

We work hard in order to develop the most accurate and reliable product through our careful scientific researches. We research all natural products we developed in a professional environment. We monitor and control the production process while embracing the test and observation principles. We want to be sure about the suitability of product to human skin before it is released to customers.

We work with a professional team specialized in the development of most natural, herbal, reliable and effective products. We perform our R&D activities with local and international staff and we are making investments in this regard. We believe that under the best products, successful specialized staff relies beneath and we trust our professional team.

We love nature and believe in protecting it. With our corporate vision which embraced environment friendly and sustainable policy, we develop natural and herbal products without containing chemicals. We are aware of our social and environmental responsibility and we permit minimum carbon emission during the production process. We know that we are living with other living organisms in the same planet hence, we evaluate our products’ environmental effects.

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